A comprehensive reference guide.                                  Updates will be noted in this location.

           Feb 19,2010 Version 1.a         
           May 19, 2010 1.c   
           April 9, 2012 1.d
           APRIL 13, 2012 AQL INSPECTION (safety & quality 1e.)
           May 21, 2013 General Updates 
            July 19, 2013  Updated Needle Detection requirements
            Feb 16, 2015 NOLAN ORIGINALS LLC-updates
    Feb 18, 2015 added new product inspection requirements



Welcome to the Nolan Originals LLC site for vendors.
If you do not have a username and password please contact our design or production dept.
Please see important on-time delivery information on the "ORDERS, SHIPPING DETAILS" page.
The enclosed website represents the TERMS AND CONDITIONS associated with the issuance of any and all production orders which you as a manufacturer or agent or other receive from Nolan Originals LLC. These Terms and Conditions herein represent the agreement and understanding between buyer and seller that shall govern the purchase order contract and all of its representations.
Beginning in 2015 we will be sending a NOLAN / BIOWORLD inspector to your factory to monitor production and inspect our products. We will not accept delivery of merchandise that is not made to our exact requirements or that is any way unsafe.
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